Year In Review – Big Weather Events In US


Minutes that area can be congested this time of morning 2017 saw several big weather events. The events are being felt in Puerto Rico and Houston still we have a look back at the catastrophic weather events. There is water everywhere in August, Hurricane Harvey rolled ashore as a category 4. It made landfall between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor I lost everything.

As Harvey moved inland, it dumped more than 50 inches of rain across Houston and 60 inches just outside of Beaumont. The most rain ever recorded in the US from a tropical system nobody has ever seen anything of this magnitude, it is total chaos and it is awful. Homes were inundated and it prompted thousands of rescues from the US coast guard. Two police officers and firefighters two neighbors rescuing neighbors by boat more than 270,000 people were rescued across Texas just two weeks later, Hurricane Irma barreled across Puerto Rico.

If you are ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. Evacuations were ordered for 63 million people then hurricane ripped across the Florida Keys as a full category 4. The impact was devastating. What do we do? Where do we go from here?

Then Irma made a second landfall as a category 3 just south of Naples as it moved through the state, the storm cut power to more than 6 million customers and knocked out air-conditioning at a nursing home in Hollywood hills leading to the deaths of a dozen people than two weeks after Irma, Puerto Rica braced for impact from Hurricane Maria.

Neighborhoods were flooded and cut off by mudslides. Maria wiped out communication and left almost all of Puerto Rico and darkness. Recovery is expected to take years Hurricane force winds fueled wildfires in California. Flames erupted in early October in Napa and Sonoma County. Residents had little time to escape seconds could’ve made a difference between life and death and there was no waiting.

It made it difficult for firefighters to battle the flames wildfires burned out of control for days in December; fear Santa Ana winds fueling devastating wildfires. The Skirball fire in Los Angeles County went so close to the highway that authorities had to shut it down and in Ventura County, the Thomas fire destroying thousands of homes.

2017 was another year of billion-dollar disasters. I was recently in wine country and it was interesting to see the damage as you were driving, one side of the road would be ruined from the fire and on the other side, everything was fine that’s how wildfire works you can take years to recover because you have to get the soil back. It is devastating; I was thinking about our year here and whether locally we didn’t have too many devastating events.

We had a tornado in the spring that caused damage but here in the twin cities, it seems like it has been a quiet year. I would say this is the most active severe weather year in several years. We had a couple of tornadoes and then some severe thunderstorm days that resulted in a dozen tornado warnings.


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