Weather Forecast – First Rainfall of The Season

First Rainfall Season

Return to appear before the Senate intelligence committee takes a look at Halloween forecast.

I did see a treat in the form of rain. However, the people in the game didn’t like getting those spirits. They are at the game, look, you are at the game, and I hope you are not too concerned, maybe tear a couple of adult beverages in and don’t care anymore.

Worst places you could be we’ve got great pictures from weather watchers we have got great, great photos from earlier today our Halloween weather watchers if you will take a look at this, great pictures from tonight.

We have got Kyra and Ryan dressed up as Justin Turner, how appropriate is that make a great jut and a dodgers pumpkin Shane and Nathan from Playa del Rey. So take a look at these monsters, the jester monsters, we have scary and Dodgers spirit and, of course, our 50’s costume as well, thank you for sending in photos of your Halloween costumes.

Shaped up to be a nice Halloween, it’s nice and cloudy and feels like Halloween for us, a little cloud cover for us and we are looking at, again, a little drizzle and as Jeff mentioned at the game earlier tonight, we did see a little rain, light showers that could continue through tomorrow take you through the future cast in just a little bit and show you just that dry conditions at the moment. A few showers sitting to our south mostly dry this evening, and as we take a look at your future cast overnight, we could get drizzle, by tomorrow, showers sitting offshore.

And seeing green on the screen, green indicating light showers, nothing too heavy tomorrow afternoon, rain staying offshore but temperatures on the cooler side and conditions on the cloudier side by the evening hours, again, some light drizzle but overall we are holding the rain until this weekend that’s when we are expecting a widespread chance of rain. This is what you need to know, we’re looking at that chance into the weekend into Monday.

Light to moderate rain across most areas, but, of course, this is first rain of the season, be mindful, the roads could be slippery, keep that in mind, breezy conditions as well with maybe gusts up to 45 miles per hour for the deserts and the mountains as we get a look at this evening, the 60s, a cool Halloween night and again it feels like Halloween night for a change, starting to feel like fall wind wise mostly calm average being 76 and record numbers 96. We were far from records and below average with temperatures tonight dropping into the 60s with drizzle.

Tomorrow the upper 60s, morning drizzle, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies for us temperatures across the southland 60s and 70s, expected for orange county 60s predominantly and for the inland empire 60s and 70s Temecula 66 Menifee, 66 degrees. As we get a look at seven-day forecast mostly cloudy skies.


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