Weather Forecast Changes Many Holiday Plans

Holiday Plans

Have if you are driving, your Thanksgiving company is driving to get to you many people started the busiest travel day of the year a few hours earlier.

How the weather forecast is changing those holiday plans. We saw a lot of people streaming up and out of the Lancaster train station behind me. Here throughout the day today headed off on their Thanksgiving trips, a lot of people were not planning to leave tomorrow but the figure would the weather conditions coming, there is no point in waiting around while the weather is nearly perfect on this night, many passengers are still giving thanks for a seat on the train.

But a ticket and headed home today Dan Sampson’s mom will see him a night early. His thanks for a seat on the train but a ticket and headed home today Dan Sampson’s mom will see him a night travel plans changed when his university closed campus in anticipation of winter weather.

I didn’t know this, but actually they shut down the university tomorrow, so I figured it would be best to get out of here as soon as possible. This is saying fix 3 million Americans will travel this Facebook that is up compared to last year here in the Susquehanna Valley, a lot are getting a head start.

Low gas prices are a big reason for the travel the average price has dropped since May but travelers and a few fender benders has Susquehanna valley travelers ready to reach the snow down there in tonight, in position tomorrow, to be ready for surgery we didn’t want to take a chance if the weather comes in sooner.

And now snow storm or holiday weekend is complete without a rush on grocery stores they are dealing with traffic headaches of their own as customers clamor for thanksgiving item a day earlier than usual and Amtrak is telling passengers to get to the trains early all trains are just about sold out.


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