Weather Changes – Effect on Power Supply in California

Power Supply

For your afternoon commute, we get into your Friday with more in just a bit we have seen big changes in the weather world recently and it turns out these seasonal shifts chains have California regulate power.

How exactly does the weather affect the state power supply? The Lisa meadow is life at the state capital getting answers. The state of California has said big goals when it comes to switching to green energy within the next decade the big difference with these energy sources is a dependent on the weather water, wind, and solar energy, three key ways to generate renewable energy here in California.

1. Lawmakers have set high standards for how green we want to be in the next 10 to 20 years.

2. The goal is to have the switch 33% of the state to renewable energy by 2020 and half of the state by 2030 since all three are affected by the weather that means high- stakes weather.

3. Forecasting for the California independent system operator, where they manage the state power grid we have to make sure that the grade is ready to deliver all of those megawatts that the utilities need in order to meet these goals.

Figuring out the forecast for these sources comes on the shoulders of amber motley. She is in charge of short-term forecasting. We forecast temperature and then turn that into an energy use forecast and then determine the generation that needs to be online for it. If I’m off by two degrees in the forecast, you are probably not even going to notice. If amber is off, that could affect reliability and cost a 10 air in the 90s can be up to 500 MW of generation.

But as the expansion occurs, so does the science behind weather forecasting as we head toward more renewable resources, it becomes more important that we have better forecasting tools for cloud cover, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and California is well on its way they tell me that right now cal ISO missing 20% of the energy on the grid coming from renewable resources sometimes even more.


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