Weather Changes Could Affect Travel

Weather Affect Travel

We are talking about the possibility of freezing drizzle. As the forecast continues to come in, crews will be ready to go.

It is cool, cloudy, and overcast it may be the last of it we see for a while it means odor is gearing up to tackle it head on it is worth noting that the agency is not anticipating a major event.

It is keeping a close eye on the possibility of rain, snow, and eyes clouds will be up there to handle that we could see a wintry mix including parts of Clark County. The advice if your holiday plans involve hitting the road, know before you go allow plenty of time to travel because there may be a lot of delays out there.

But stopping distance in front of you and a look before you set out just last night, they laid down about 7000 gallons of the ice coming up, we will be talking to see how our friends to the north are gearing up for these changes.

We are keeping a close eye on the weather, today was the first official day of winter, and you may have been surprised when you woke up this morning, this morning of freezing fog and it is chilly, so there may be a chance for real snow. You mentioned it being chilly those changes could be on the way, here in the city, and out east in the passes.

They may not do anything to the wild, but if anything happens, they will be on standby ready to react accordingly. We are expecting crazy fog, maybe by the bridge here that is our biggest concern. The serious event they say to be ready, plan ahead and monitor those conditions last night, just in case we see anything here.

Let’s go to our chief meteorologist. Look out there, anybody out there? It is hard to see because we are down to 0.25-mile visibility this is our Vancouver camp. It is 32 degrees and the era saturated so, we are dealing with fog at freezing temperatures area. Freezing temperatures on major highways, you shouldn’t run into any big patches on some of those overpasses, this will be colder than the temperature of the actual ground. We are entering the busiest travel weekend of the year.


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