Watch Out For Scams During Severe Weather Season

Scams During Weather

Severe weather season is definitely upon us, Oklahoma has already had its share of deadly and destructive storms and unfortunately, in the midst of all the sadness people have to be on high alert for scams that’s the warning from the Oklahoma insurance department this morning and we are joined now by ray walker who is the director of the Medicare assistance program.

It is sad realities that people take advantage of other people are you worried about the elderly? They like to take advantage of the elderly they have money in savings, more likely to have a nest egg sitting back there right to the picking what they like to do is target the older individuals.

They are claiming to be there to inspect the roof and then they will charge the senior if there is actual damage, they will offer them that they have this narrow window that they can come in and work on the roof, so they get cash for materials there is a variety of ways to make it works for them. The people are so vulnerable have you seen cases of this year? There were cases in our city.

Sometimes it is people claiming they have a rental house I see your house has been damaged, we have this house that is vacant people will wire money thinking they found a home for their family, but in fact, no home exists. How many? I don’t have a report right now.

It was just last Tuesday and there is also an insurance agent waking up in federal prison after trying to persuade his clients to switch annuity’s tell us, how these crooks go about doing this and some of the language that people need to be on the lookout for all too often, the person committing the crime is a person in a position of trust, a family member or financial advisor they use the right lingo.

He will talk to you about this tools they have or vehicles they have for you to use to save money or get money socked back for your grandchildren and stuff the best thing to do is make sure the person is acting in your best interest also, for family members to be vigilant about who their parents may be using how do you differentiate, someone who is trying to scam you from an insurance agent that is trying to help you. I can imagine the jargon is similar.

You can check their license, or if a person is interested. State authorities trying to keep this from happening to more people they are state officials, a fame program not a team of the program, but actually put on by Oklahoma’ insurance commission we are doing it for the fifth year.

We have the first one at Paul’ valley the other one was Oklahoma City June 15 at the tower hotel. We will be talking about all these different kinds of fraud, Medicare fraud, banking fraud we will talk about the most current scams and we will have breakfast.


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