Warm Weather Delays Ski Season

Ski Season

To take a look I looked out my window and all of a sudden there was a bear on the trail.

What a great way to start the day, wake up and see a bear in the neighborhood. The CBS 2 could be there for a while, new jersey fish and wildlife officers can’t train collided while it up so high and when it does decide to come down, police hope the bear will make a peaceful exit. Warm weather has put a damper on this year’s ski season and resorts are desperate for snow tonight, some say fear not, the snow guns are blown CBS 2’s Lou young travel to the Poconos tonight to watch winter arrived.

Two hours west of Manhattan, the snow guns of winter are spraying icy mist into the mountain air the noise, deafening at close range, is music to holiday visitors, who envisioned a more seasonable landscape for their state the general consensus, it’s about time on January 1, it should snow it is now.

That’s how weary winter worshipers are these days, once they would have complained about a lack of natural snow, no anything will do for some, even this comes cruelly late in the game heartbreaking to not be able to ski the slopes because there is no snow and no, I have to go home. It takes days of doing this to make a skiable service and surface and these are snow guns happen fouled up three times, each time the warm winter has undone their work.

This time, snowmakers say their feeling it now it’s got a good forecast ahead and is excited to be opening. Its hope, ticketholders will be here in the seats in the camelback. Monday at the Poconos they started making snow at mountain creek in New Jersey upstate, New York slopes are also pushing the stop out.

None too soon for ski team member from Brewster high school it has been pretty.


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