Starting to Feel Weather Changes From Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

An idea of how big Irma is, for other Category 5 we have had in Florida. This is one of the biggest hurricanes ever.

This goes on top of my truck. I took it off and sandblasted it and repainted it. So now I’m wiring up all the lights. Now, this goes on my truck, so just in case, if we do have to leave in the middle of the storm, or if we have to leave sometime when there’s no power, raining, whatever it is, we are going in my truck because it’s an old, big truck and it’s heavy. It’s a 2002 Chevy Avalanche, and it’s saved us, literally, two times from other hurricanes that we have had to evacuate areas that were flooded and trees knocked down and everything.

So since then it’s been lifted, big tires, and then these lights because obviously if there’s power outages, no streetlights, back roads, you can’t see anything and to make sure that you can see down the street that there are no trees, bushes, animals, cars, anything like that, we have all the lights Plus, on the bumper there’s a light bar and two more of these and the fog lights of my truck. So, that’s our back up evacuation plans.

We go to Paul’s parents’ house because they have a generator? Or, in case something happens to one of us we have to get out, go to the hospital anything like that, or a shelter, we can successfully drive there safely with my truck with all the lights on it.

Just started my infusion, got my banana bag mixed up, and my other infusion bag for after that, and putting everything in my backpack is what I call playing the Tetris game, because you going to do the infusion bag and the infusion pump, and then the feeding tube, nutrition bag, and the feeding tube pump. It’s not terrible, but I try to infuse on days where I’m staying home so I don’t have to carry my bag all day.

Janice and her mom are enjoying popsicles out here – Enjoy the weather! I mean, it’s cool and breezy. The weather is nice for now, and hopefully, it doesn’t come to using this truck, but it’s good to be prepared. Well, that was a nice little walk. Two houses down and back, but it was nice to get out in the weather.

It’s the calm before the storm I mean, it really does exist. It’s kind of eerie, actually. But it’s cool and breezy outside, so I wanted to go enjoy that a bit and so we did see that person board up their windows the big sliding glass door. We did not for two reasons:

1. When we were evacuating, like I said, the hurricane was going up the East coast. We weren’t expecting heavy winds. We were worried about flooding, so we lifted a lot of our furniture up onto like we put the base of our couch on our coffee table, and we put a lot of our furniture upstairs and we didn’t board our windows because we weren’t worried about heavy winds at the time.

2. Also we rent our home; the whole community is rented, and management said don’t board up windows because people in the past did it not properly and then the plywood got loose and flew around in the wind and caused a lot more damage. So we weren’t allowed to anyway, but now that the hurricane is going up the West coast, we’re expecting really strong winds over there, so and a lot of rain, which means flooding.

We bleached it out, and we’re filling it up with water for two reasons:

1. To help protect the sliding glass door if anything comes flying towards it because this thing is going to weight hundreds of pounds.

2. Also, so that we have clean water, not to drink or cook, but in case the water does go out, we can still flush our toilets, and if need be, bathe ourselves, clean the house, do whatever we need. It’s not drinkable water, but it’s clean enough too.

We are now on curfew, meaning we should stay home, no going on the streets, anything like that. Anyways, in the state of Florida we have what we call watches:

  1. Tropical Storm Watch
  2. Hurricane Watch

It upgrades to the warning when the threat is imminent and it’s crazy to me that the entire peninsula of Florida is in a hurricane warning. That is how big this storm is and it is a category 3 right now, but they said as it leaves Cuba, and come toward Florida, it could become stronger and go back to a category four.


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