Snowboarding and Weather Patterns


1. Weather patterns and why we study them, so when you’ve been snowboarding as long as I have. We really watch the weather patterns.

2. We can chase the good snow be safe and have fun. Once you’ve got to L3 you’re really an aggressive rider, and you want to find the best conditions to have the most fun. You are ready to handle anything.

3. Now a really important factor in handling anything is being safe. So where is the snow piling up? Where is it Blowing? How what type of snow is it.

4. Is it really cold snow is it wet snow or where am I going to go, if it’s safe, so it’s really important to watch the weather patterns?

5. It’s similar to like a surfer. They watch the weather they find the best tides they find the best storms. They will actually watch the weather quite a bit.

6. Same with Snowboarders as a professional I’m responsible for the clients that I teach and take out.

7. It is important for me to watch the weather patterns to know where it is going to be the best conditions.

8. You can look at your satellites from your local weather station, so the weather channel or look at the satellite like NOAA.

9. Is it going to be safe is it really going to be worth that hikes outside the resort or should we just stay at the resort?

10. We can take runs that are just as good without that long hike that is going to be maybe crusty underneath.

11. Follow these patterns see what type of snow conditions that you are going to experience so that you can be safe and have the most fun.


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