Officials Preparing for Dangerously Cold Weather Conditions

Cold Weather Preparing

Continues now these frigid temperatures can be dangerous and even life threatening the longer you are exposed to them. We are hearing from an emergency room physician on how to keep you safe as the temperatures drop, continues our pinpoint weather team coverage from the providence mobile newsroom, if you go out covering exposed skin, not only extremities, but also the face.

It is flu season and with 2017 going out in a frigid blast staff is expecting cold weather injuries in the mix:

  1. Frostbite
  2. Hypothermia


There are several factors behind frostbite and tissue damage. One is who you are, so people with bad peripheral vascular disease, older people with Diabetes, poor circulation, are at much higher risk. That means you can get tissue injuries in a shorter time. Frostbite injury, overall, is related to temperature, as well as the period of exposure, as well as the wind chill. So it’s really important to pay attention to how hard the wind is blowing as for who doctors and nurses tend to see: The homeless, people who are intoxicated, sometimes people who go out and have a little too much to drink and have some poor decision making.

Signs for Concern

Your extremities are cold; you might have some blisters that form. Certainly, if you see your skin getting very white, blisters forming that’s an indication that you really need to get out of that cold air environment and when it comes to warming, generally we go for lukewarm. The other is passive warming things that you would think a warm cup of cocoa and a blanket, and those sorts of things.


Hypothermia are often seen by someone else confusion, lack of coordination and if someone is shivering and then stops. It can be a sign of bad things to come. The most punishing jobs in this weather fighting fires, means a bigger risk of fires, as people try to stay warm.

On top of that, the bitter temperatures make the dangerous job of fighting fires, even more difficult with how firefighters are preparing for this cold stretch. One of the toughest professions you can think of when it comes to exposure to brutal weather conditions. They are ready for this stretch Fighting flames at night in these relentless wind chills.

If there’s a house fire, it’s very warm inside there. You come out, and it is a totally different atmosphere, spraying gallons of water that are freezing, carrying axes and chainsaws on roofs. It’s all punishing for the seasoned firefighters. Never mind the brand new ones, because they have no idea what they are in for. They’re going to find out real quick Providence Fire’s vehicles now winterized. It’s just a matter of putting the right tools on the truck for the weather buckets of sand, extra shovels, and ice rescue equipment is now on all the apparatus. Gloves, hats, everything they will carry on the truck with them.

Everything gets wet. So they will be able to change things over Ice rescue training also set to begin this week on the ponds of Roger Williams Park, because while other professions can scale back based on weather, firefighting and emergency medical care. Fire officials always concerned about a deep freeze like this causing other problems carbon monoxide poisoning from heaters later, thawing pipes cracking and bursting.


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