North Texas Ready For Winter Weather Season

Winter Weather Season

The house was just wonderful I don’t know what will happen in southern California, Omar Jimenez we try to speak with Jason Allen about the positive side of the warmer than normal fall. We have the microphone all figured out, the weather over the last couple of years has ended up saving north Texas aliens of dollars.

We are talking about the colder now, enough to have some snow flurries no snow and no ice on the roads means no need to put down salt and no need to put down and the stock files. The stockpiles have been sitting in some storage yards it has been 11 months since we had freezing temperatures but it has been almost 3 years now since we have had a significant storm I checked with cities and the airport today which still have a lot of supplies that they stockpiled back in 2015.

Here is how that adds up fort worth told me to spends $20,000 a day during a storm, which it has not had to spend in a couple of years the airport has saved $38 million in supplies and deicing contract costs going back to 2016 tuxedo spent $52 million during the last storm in 2013. It has not had a day like that since that is not to say that roads are hazarding free the first freezing temperatures they could stress out. Your car battery or make your tire pressure drop car experts tell us it really only takes a few minutes in north Texas to make sure that you are in good shape for driving to the winter.

Check the tires, checked the battery, and checked the radiator make sure you have the right antifreeze. Those are the three essentials that you have to look for as well as keeping a blanket or flashlight handy most cities in north Texas paver snow and ice removal out of their operations budget.


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