National Weather Service Changes Alaska Weather Forecast

Alaska Weather Forecast

The National Weather Service, changes webpage at the weather. Anchorage changed to a new version on July 6th. All of the forecast information will still be available, but to make it easier for you to find. I want to show you how to move around on the new version of the website.

Let’s go there now and I’ll show you how to get a forecast for a specific location (or point) on our website. On the new front page, you will still see the map showing weather warnings, advisories, and watches when any hazardous weather is moving through. To change the map area, you can use the quick zoom buttons at the top. Let’s select the southwest quick zoom to find a forecast near Dillingham. The map is divided up into several smaller areas for places you care about.

You see those highlighted when you move the cursor around the page. Now, let’s click on Dillingham, which takes us to a new page.

1. The first line at the top is what’s currently happening at the closest location.

2. The weather icons below show the National Weather Service forecast for the point you have chosen.

3. When you scroll down, you’ll see a map on the right.

4. The small green square shows the location of the forecast, Dillingham. If the square isn’t over the place you are interested in, you can move the square to another location.

For example, to see a location closer to Clark’s Point, outside Dillingham, click on the minus button a couple of times to see the whole area, and then click once on the map near Clark’s Point. Now, the Forecast section shows it’s for Clark’s point.

Here are some features on this page you might find useful:

1. First, if there are any weather alerts such as Warnings, Advisories or Watches, you will see them highlighted in red, orange or yellow behind the weather icons.

2. There will be more information in a red box at the top, Hazardous Weather Conditions giving you a link to weather details about the weather warning, advisory or watch.

3. The Hourly Weather Forecast graph is a tool that gives you detailed weather information over a 48 hour period. You will find it below the map on the right-hand side.

4. This guide can help you better understand the National Weather Service forecast for rain, wind, temperature changes and more. Click on the chart to load the latest forecast.

5. You can use the button at the top to advance it forward 2 days at a time through 7 days of forecast information.


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