Let’s Learn About the Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Learn About Seasons

There are Four Seasons:

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter

Depending on where you live, the seasons happen at different times of the year. That’s because the Earth is tilted on its axis Part of the year, the top half of the Earth has tilted away from the sun, so it gets less sunlight. At the same time, the bottom half is tilted towards the Sun, so it’s getting lots of sunlight later in the year, now the top half of the Earth is tilted towards the Sun, so it is getting a lot more sunlight. At the same time, the bottom half of the Earth has tilted away from the Sun, so now it’s not getting very much sunlight.

I live in the Northern Hemisphere, in this part of the globe, spring comes in March, summer comes in June, fall comes in September, and winter comes in December.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the opposite! September is when spring starts. Then summer comes in December, fall begins in March, and winter starts in June. Spring is when the Earth starts to warm up after winter.

New plant life starts to spring forth from the Earth. That’s where we get the name! All sorts of flowers bloom and brand new leaves start to grow. It’s often rainy one minute, and sunny the next! Spring weather is kind of unpredictable, so depending on where you live, it might be a good idea to carry an umbrella! I love to see cherry blossoms in the spring. What’s your favorite part of spring? Summer is the warmest time of the year. The days are long, and the nights are short.

Fruit Ripens! Where I come from, people love to go swimming, eat ice cream and watermelon, and watch fireworks in the summer. What do you love about summer? Fall is harvest time.

Farmers have to work hard to bring in all the crops. The weather gets cooler, and leaves turn different colors – aren’t they beautiful and then they fall to the ground. Maybe that’s where we get the name, fall! We also call this season autumn. Where I come from, we celebrate fall by decorating pumpkins and jumping in piles of leaves. What do you like to do in the fall? Winter is the coldest time of the year when the days are short and the nights are long.

It might even snow where you live! But it doesn’t snow everywhere. Some places get so cold in the winter that animals have to hibernate or migrate away during the winter. But don’t worry; they will be back when it warms up again. Where I come from, people love to play in the snow, building snowmen, going ice skating, and catching snowflakes. What’s your favorite part of winter?

That’s the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They are all beautiful and special in their own way.


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