Learn About Seasons and Weather


To learn about changing weather and the 4 seasons. The four seasons are:

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter


Winter is the season with shorter days and cooler temperatures. Trees and plants stop growing and many animals go into hibernation to stay warm. Ice and snow are commonly associated with winter in many parts of the world. Snowstorms with high winds are called blizzards.

Snow can lower visibility and make roads icy, causing dangerous driving conditions. Because snow is a solid form of water, it turns into a liquid when it melts.


Spring Fog is a common condition associated with spring. Fog is a cloud that touches the ground. It often creates dew is the reason for tiny drops of water on the grass in the mornings. It forms as a result of water vapor in the atmosphere. This is rain. Rain falls from clouds in the sky in the form of water droplets. It’s also called precipitation.

It is very common to have lots of precipitation in the month of April. But April showers bring may flowers Plants and flowers need lots of water to survive. Trees and plants open new buds as the weather warms and rain falls in spring. A rainbow occurs when it is rainy in one part of the sky and sunny in another.


The weather is warmer and the days are longer in summer. During summer, people can spend a great deal of time outdoors. Plants typically grow best in the summer months when they receive the most sunlight.

Tropical cyclones known as hurricanes start to form this time of year. Hurricanes can form in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They have wind speeds of over 120 km/ph and can cause a great amount of damage. Hurricanes can cause loss of life and property.


Plants and trees lose their leaves in response to shorter days and cooler temperatures. The leaves change from green to red, yellow, or brown before falling. Many animals prepare for winter hibernation by collecting food and storing fat in their bodies. Pumpkins are a big crop during autumn. They are used to make pies, foods, and Jack-o-lanterns.

As the leaves die, they fall to the ground, because of autumn is sometimes called Fall. Once all the leaves fall off the trees and the weather stays cold, winter is here.


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