It’s Time To Prepare For Fire Season With Warming Weather


They are clustered very tightly together today; the water content is nearly 46 inches.

The wet winter has California blooming into a very green the springtime as temperatures start going up, so will the weeds and other dry brush. What can you do to help firefighters prevent wildfires? You have probably seen it; many across Sacramento and the state are seeing it, weeds, tall weeds, thick weeds, lots that can turn into fuel for a fast-moving fire Doreen up church has lived in the wood like the neighborhood for 26 years.

She has seen rain and the drought but it brought with it another problem. Now taking root everything is getting worse it is the best it has ever been with the entire rain and it is the weeds that cal fire officials are keeping an eye on.

This is a tremendous amount of growth compared to last year alone. The chief says tall grasses and weeds are not the only concern we have over 102 million trees that’s fuel? That is fuel, the fuel that is already wreaking havoc in southern California.

Riverside went through several different vegetation fires yesterday alone, 1300 acres and another over 200 acres that were with humidities in the single digits. Cal Fire crews are in northern California inspecting and digging in if needed we do what is called fuel reduction.
We are cleaning those areas of trees, those heavy growth trying to thin that out. They are reminding residents they need to do their part as well. The public needs to take care of those spates situations around their homes and on the property which enables us to come in, combat that fire and stop that.

Doreen Upchurch expects the owner of the field across the street to move it soon, recognizing the threat it poses not only to her garden but to all of the neighbors nearby. If it caught fire, the trees around would catch fire and everything. Cal Fire is reminding residents to cut grass down to 3 inches and also to make sure that any dead trees or limbs are cleared out as well.


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