Harvey’s Forecast – Weather Changes headed Our Way

Harvey’s Forecast

Now, it was a spring-like weekend, but those changes are coming. Harvey Leonard has information as to much cooler weather.

Compare the weather to one weekend ago, it made it into the low 50’s in Boston Worcester was 65 yesterday the last two days, it was above average. It has been all over the place we are going to see more extremes as we go through this week.

Colder air in Canada, so it is going to get much colder in Boston it is already happening, but it is a slow, gradual process that is a cold winter direction out of the north at 40 miles per hour. What is most important is that it is still in the low 40’s on Cape Cod, because that is where precipitation is falling.

Before it can be flipped over to snow, it is all going to move eastward some clouds in the morning for the cape and the rest will be all cleared up at that time and the rest of the day will produce a lot of sunshine cooler, chillier weather around 40 during the afternoon hours much more seasonable day for tomorrow.

Down here in Texas, we have got moisture that is developing, and it is eventually going to start moving north and east it is going to be broken up into a couple of systems. Tomorrow is going to be the sunniest day of the week. You will get some moisture moving in here on Monday and Tuesday night there could be a period of snow or sleet.

It is going to start warming very quickly and the number two is going to bring the heavy-duty rain, but it will be milder than here is a look at what could be a quick batch of snow on Tuesday night. But then that mixed line is changing over early on Wednesday across the interior, it might still be colder for some freezing drizzle and untreated surfaces may be slippery. We are going to get into the heavier downpours as the temperatures rise and the win eventually picks up out of the south.

We have had the story before when we get into that heavier rain later Wednesday night, early Thursday, chances of rain are high chances of strong winds are also high flooding could be on the south basin coastal areas, and also a low chance of a few thunderstorms in there as well. There is your nice but more seasonable Monday.

Tuesday is a chilly, raw-feeling day, and at night, that light makes moving in the heavy downpours will be later Wednesday and into Thursday, look at those milder temperatures and then we turn colder all over again in terms of rainfall, we get into those heavy downpours later Wednesday and early Thursday. This will clearly be a week of change, significant weather changes.


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