Four Points to Forecast Future Trends


To forecast future patterns adequately, and with accuracy, you should venture back to see the “10,000 foot view” of how present and up and coming patterns may develop over different time interims, and after that survey their direction, speed, and communication.

Basically, you gather a “jigsaw bewilder” of what the future will resemble. You never have every one of the pieces, and they continually change fit as a fiddle, size, and shading, consequently mirroring the world in a condition of motion. By searching for drift designs, you can suspect their extent – and consequently “see” or imagine their result with a high level of precision. It is much the same as long-go weather forecasting, utilizing satellite symbolism to track the greatest patterns.

Future patterns rise in two noteworthy, lattice like measurements:

“6-WAVE”: 6 layered influxes of future patterns, each wave covered by the following, as society creates and modernizes; and

“4-STEP”: 58-year super cycle of social, specialized, monetary, and political patterns.

The subsequent uber cycling floods of future patterns bring a “6-WAVE + 4-STEP” kaleidoscope of progress – a goliath multi-dimensional jigsaw perplex. You at that point plot this satellite “guide” of expected future patterns over a 20-Year Timetable of 5-year interims. It fills in as a manual for basic leadership and activity – by people, social orders, callings, associations, businesses, and governments.

“6-WAVE” Layers

In his book The Third Wave, futurist Alvin Toffler alluded to the Agricultural Era and the Industrial Age as first Wave Society and second Wave Society separately. Third Wave Society is the post-Industrial period effectively well in progress since around 1950 in the West.

Immature nations are trapped in a hopeless cycle; impeded as first Wave agrarian social orders, with individuals as yet living hand to mouth, taking a shot at a work serious premise, similarly as individuals in Western nations did in their Agricultural Age. By differentiate, quickly creating nations, for example, China, are seeing a nonstop move into the mechanical and administration segments.

All economies modernize over this “first second third Wave” way of advancement. Western countries have effectively moved past the third Wave, which is presently so vast that it utilizes around 85% of the North American work drive. To be sure, Toffler’s “Third Wave” should now itself be separated into four unmistakable waves, giving us 6 waves or financial layers altogether:

  1. first Wave: Agriculture (and characteristic assets)
  2. second Wave: Industry (fabricating, transport)
  3. third Wave: Services (monetary, wellbeing, individual)
  4. fourth Wave: Information (learning, innovative, bio-tech)
  5. fifth Wave: Leisure (diversion, travel, tourism)
  6. sixth Wave: Outer Space.

These 6 waves exist at the same time, however at any one time one wave prevails. The new waves heap over the old ones, fabricating the economy higher. The old waves infrequently vanish; the new waves supplement them. For instance, second wave machines additionally modernize first wave agribusiness. The fourth Wave isn’t simply producing the advanced economy; it is modernizing each part – cultivate, production line, office, healing facility, inn, carrier. The fourth Wave is presently the primary business in the West.

National fortunes shift, contingent upon the desire to change, the level of advancement, and the political atmosphere. Later on, the main countries will be those with solid fourth and fifth Wave areas. Without a doubt, nations, for example, China and India as of now have goal-oriented sixth Wave space programs.

“4-STEP” Mega-Cycle

These 6 gigantic waves connect in a “4-STEP” long-wave cycle, around 58 years in length. “4-STEP” remains for a Social, Technical, Economic, and Political succession of progress. The current long wave began around 1990. Inside it are six 9.5-year midi-cycles, which is the reason the economy right now is moderating in 2008-9. The following 9.5-year cycle will top in 2018-9, et cetera, until the point when the full long-wave comes full circle in a noteworthy log jam around 2048.

Stage 1 – Social Motivation

Change is driven by human powers. As we advance through the “order of requirements,” we create new plans to support our advance. We apply these plans to techno-advancement. Today, as the fourth Wave spreads globally, developments spread like lightning, again changing necessities and goals. Any general public that neglects to enhance will remain stuck in the old wave, frequently missing a few long wave cycles.

Stage 2 – Techno-Innovation

New thoughts goad inquire about, pushing back the boondocks of science, bringing forth still more future patterns in innovation. The more effective and profitable the new innovation, the more prominent its monetary and social advantage. The best techno-change in world history is the Internet Revolution, or what I call the Webolution, which is a gigantic riches creation wonder.

Stage 3 – Eco-Modernization

The third step, in this manner, is the successful administration of innovation to rebuild and modernize the economy – to organize the generation of overall riches. The Webolution is making gigantic profitability picks up, which dependably prompt genuine increments in riches.

Stage 4 – Political Reform

At last, to guarantee that individuals advantage from this new rush of modernization, the whole 4-STEP cycle must be hoisted to a more elevated amount, with the goal that individuals are boosted to begin the procedure all once again once more. To permit this, political frameworks definitely will change – ideally by agreement, yet by change if essential. Something else, degenerate administrations and autocrats accumulate every one of the increases. Administration and settled in control bases emerge. In this manner disappointed and disenthralled, individuals lose all motivating force to develop. In the long run, be that as it may, patterns will overpower the framework’s protection from change. It will change or be toppled.

In entirety, the world is in steady progress, climbing 6 influxes of modernization and intersection the 4-STEP cycle of progress. This happens in shifting degrees and paces, over various time spans.

The errand of the futurist is to recognize, track, and forecast the following future, distinguishing dangers and openings. Any individual who can “see” and “guide” their future along these lines, and finds a way to change, will develop and prevail inside and out. The individuals who neglect to “see” their future will basically wind up in the wrong place.


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