Cold Weather Tips – Prepare Your Home During the Holiday Season

Cold Weather Tips

The coolest or the last we’ll see this winter and with that in mind, has some tips on staying warm and safe in winter.

The temperatures are about to match the decor in downtown Lafayette “it’s time for some cold weather people enjoy the weather in down south Louisiana because we don’t get enough!” and now with the first taste of winter some reminders the Lafayette fire department responds to more fires this time of year “they put the space heater too close to a combustible so you want to give it at least 3 feet from any combustible that can catch on fire.

Alton Trahan says using extension cords is also a “no” when it comes to space heaters he has some advice for the fireplaces to make sure the ashes are cool before you place them outside often time they will put them in something plastic and that’s how the fires start and fires aren’t the only concern freezing temperatures can burst pipes. It’s best to prepare for your warmer months if your pipes aren’t insulated, then you should probably do it now.

If you don’t insulate the pipes you can have water under the house. A lot of times when pipes burst, they burst and the water shoots up to the water shooting up to the bottom of your floor and it can rot your floor insulating pipes ahead of freezing temperatures can prevent that from happening, so you and your family can enjoy the frigid temps and the festive season.

We need some cold weather when it’s all over and done we’ll have some beautiful weather and enjoy in Lafayette tv3 bar. The eye-10 expansion project is making progress. But not everyone who lives along the interstate is happy about the construction. You are asking questions about the work on around.


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