Big Weather Changes to Follow Rain

Follow Rain

The tree and up through the group that was extraordinary. We had lightning with storms that have been going on across western, central and northern New England from late tonight. It is still ongoing situation they have been moving slowly what that means it has been pouring in the same places for a number of the hours.

That caused this flooding that is why there is the issue and continues to be across northwestern and western mass missed parts of southern New Hampshire. You can see the yellow and the oranges and the reds there indicating, what we are talking about here is a display of the lightning looping it as it goes from test east, the yellow bolts are the older ones.

This white within are the newer ones there is still lightning and thunder with this even though there is a continue for show weakening. It is a significant situation all these areas delineate flash flood warning and flood warnings because of all the rain that has fallen 3 to 5 inches of rain in this Reg font have been some significant log onto issues that have come out of that. It is not over yet the strongest cell is now in western Massachusetts over there mowing eastward. You can see if it holds together.

Enough of it will move toward the next hour or so these are nearer tons to it the number of a minute in, let 245 heavy downpour and thunderstorms get there all of 24 is being driven by the heat we had today it made it to 89 in Boston. Made it to 92 and a half up here we had to spot going at 90. Today was the warmest we had so far also, very humid look at the dew point.

Up around 70 in New York that is oppressive air look at the upper great lakes. The dew points are so low, we have a weather front that is coming through or will be coming through.

That is the reason for the weather usually; when you have a situation like this the most significant heavy weather comes during the heat of the day late afternoon, into the night with some weakening toward morning. We probably will not have quite the situation here in eastern New England then cord in western New England nonetheless, tomorrow morning, during the commute.

In pockets, there will be downpours and thunderstorms and anyone of them is capable of producing some localized flooding but it will be kind of moving then but won’t be stuck in place. It wouldn’t rain heavily as it has been doing. The spotty shower could be around or thunderstorms right on through the afternoon hours then, it becomes very scattered toward evening.

Then eventually we start to clear out that is the good news lots of action at Fen Away Park, other than is about the ball in the next three nights. The first act gets won are which at 5:30 could be a spotty shower leftover. Otherwise, that should be the ebb of that then you see more action. I am coming up in terms of the concert over the weekend that looks great that looks pretty. Let’s check it out for you.

The next seven days tomorrow, just continue to keep an eye on the ski because there will be a few spotty showers around nicer weather coming up then if you plan this weekend, that will take you to any ear parts. It is going to be comfortable invigorating as we go from the uncomfortable air to the very comfortable air. Each day after that will become a little bit warmer. Still dry million we get then back to hot weather approaching and touching 90 and more humid.


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