Atmosphere and Weather – Recent Weather Patterns Mean More Mosquitoes

Atmosphere and Weather

A weather front is a boundary where two different air masses meet.

  1. A cold front occurs when a cold air mass runs into a warm air mass and creates clouds, rain, and storms.
  2. A warm front occurs when warm air moves into a cold region, causing drizzly rain or light snow and an increase in the humidity.

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May has led to a bumper crop of mosquito’s rain and blasts of heat are proving to be a mosquito’s paradise. High numbers of mosquitoes in our traps as well as when we go into the woods is probably going to get a little worse before it gets better. Dragon with you to control hit salt marshes by spraying a bacteria that targets you to larvae mosquitoes. They are playing beat the biological clock because those larvae developing process can take a week or less.

The heat is on my crews working diligently to try to control them before they hatch and fly away looking for blood. The property owner should be vigilant it is a time of your that container mosquitoes start to take off. The could be a tarp over your woodpile, a boat, a canoe, that foot bath you keep at the pool, so the kids can wash their feet, a dog bowl, a wheelbarrow, a container that can hold an inch of water will breed mosquitoes. Keeping them empty is key because the worry goes beyond a bite’s itch.

As we go beyond the summer and early fall, it is diseases like West Nile, triple e, and heaven forbid Zika that we will be monitoring for that. The buzz word is awareness if your grass mowed. Keep your grass mowed.


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